Katy Carter Wants a Hero- 70 pages in

I am now about 70 pages in, and am still not happy.

I can’t stand any of the characters except for Ollie.

Katy is in an abusive relationship with her finance James, and she doesn’t realize. Reading what he says to her, about her, it makes me angry and it makes me sick. Her future mother-in-law is just as bad.

I’m having a difficult time reading this because Katy…like, I want to punch James and Cordelia (mother in law), but I also want to punch Katy because

Hello! James is an ass! Get away from him. You’re not making compromises, you’re doing everything he tells you too. He’s not doing anything for your own good, he wants to control you and make you feel horrid about yourself. He insulted you, your family, friends, your goals, wishes, everything about you!

This is just so stupid!


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