Book Review: Katy Carter Wants a Hero by Ruth Saberton

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Rating: 1/5 stars

Did not finish reading; read 101/408

Okay, here’s the deal. I try not to judge a book by its cover, and if I did with this one, I never would have picked it up. It’s pure hot pink with a childish feeling, a pair of sneakers, a wine glass, and a lobster on the cover.

When it comes to books, I give it about 100 pages before I decide if I’m staying along for the ride or getting off at the next stop.

Needless to say, I have gotten off this bus and do not see myself taking this route again.

The main character Katy from the getgo is complaining about being a ginger, like’s it a horrible thing, being short, and being overweight. Throughout the first pages, we get a glimpse into the romance novel she is writing, and it’s pretty ridiculous. It doesn’t even seem like the cliche romance paperbacks. No, it’s more over the top, focusing on Millandra’s breasts all the time and Jake not being able to resist her thin body with amazing curves.

Katy is a school teacher, not being paid much, and tends to daydream during faculty meetings than anything else. She’s engaged to this guy named James who is a complete asshole. He mentally abuses her on a regular basis, saying that she needs to lose weight, that her job sucks, that she needs to get over becoming a writer, that she has to be a trophy wife that only cooks and cleans and looks good to his boss. He insults her family, friends, dreams, goals…everything about Katy. Her future mother-in-law is no better. She’s a manipulative old hag who has her son eating out of the palm of her hands.

And through all this, Katy is saying how James doesn’t mean it, that he loves her, that she just needs to make compromises in order for everything to work out. WRONG. He’s using you. He’s a bloody wanker that you need to dump on the curve and splash him with a dirty puddle as you rush off in your car.

But she doesn’t. The first 100 pages is about her needing to make dinner for James’ boss so James can get the promotion that he says he needs to pay for the wedding (which is way more expensive than Katy wants it to be because of James’ mother). In a nutshell, she along with her best friend Ollie and his friend Frankie ruin the dinner, resulting in James not getting the promotion, James kicking Katy out and taking away the engagement ring.

Now, what makes this book so hard for me to read is all the characters. None of them are like-able except for Ollie and that’s because he’s the only one with actual sense! It’s written in first person, so all I get is Katy’s perspective and it drives me mad. I want to punch James and Cordelia (his mother) but I also want to punch her because she cannot see that she’s in a horrible relationship. It’s beyond obvious that she is in love with Ollie, and if she does not end up with him by the end, I would be surprised.

If I ignore all that, I’m still not happy with the book. There’s a lot of repetitiveness within 100 pages. The jokes are not funny and it’s not because I don’t understand the lingo/references. Honestly, they’re not funny to me. It’s almost like every three sentences has to have a joke or punchline in it, and it just drags too much.

I know many people on goodreads saw this as a great chick-lit, an easy read, but to me, it was too hard to read through and I cannot make myself any longer.

Reading Dates: June 17-19, 2014


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