Dreaming of Mr. Darcy- 290 Pages In

So, this lovely novel by Victoria Connelly has captured my attention the last few days. Honestly, I’ve been flying through it and sadly put Emma on the backburner.

I’m at the point where I think Oli, the guy Kay (main female) is in love with, has had a relationship with Teresa, the director. I thought maybe he could be Teresa’s daughter’s father, but I don’t know. Maybe?

Anywho, this book is pretty good. Keeps me reading. Kay and Gemma do only a couple annoying things, but I’ve gotten pass them. They’re the “I’m different from other girls because I rather sit and read a book than go out and drink” type things. But that’s on Tumblr on an hourly basis, so it’s a little easier to ignore.

I do find it odd how people fall in love so quickly in this book. Kay falling for Oli, who she has had a fantasy over since he’s an actor. Is that real love? Then Adam falling for Kay in less than a month. Seems strange. Seems unbelievable.

Or maybe, I just cannot see someone falling in love with a person so quickly because I never have. I don’t know. Just thoughts.


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