Book Review: The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken


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Rating: 4/5

I’m on a dystopian roll! This book was pretty fantastic. A co-worker of mine recommended that I read this and I cannot thank her enough. What interested me about this book (and thankfully it’s a series!) is that these kids have supernatural abilities. It has a similar feeling to Neal Shusterman’s Unwind, but it’s only because these kids are being given away by their parents. Well, sometimes. It depends on the kid.

I’m kind of going all over the place with this review, but it’s because this book had me going all over the place. Worried for Liam, Chubs, Zu, and Ruby as they are traveling in Betty. Creeped out by Martin and Clancy. Curious about everyone’s abilities. What’s going on?!

That ending killed me though. I mean, in two chapters you shot and seriously injured a major character, had the two remaining ones captured, and had one lose their memory of the most important people in their life right now. I’m trying not to say names because I don’t want to give big spoilers.

But ahhh! I was crying with those last three pages. Bracken, you have been added to my short list of authors who have made me cry: Rowling, Lauren Oliver, and yourself. That is it.

But wait, you ask me, if this book is so perfect, why not a perfect score? Well, my imaginary questioner, it was because of the main character Ruby. At times, mostly the first 200 or so pages, I was annoyed with her. She was hiding her abilities. At first, it was understandable, but then she was dragging it on and on, and it frustrated me because I was afraid she was going to make it difficult for herself later. As in, Liam, Chubs, and Zu would find out in a horrible way or think of her in a horrible way because of it.

The way it was revealed though, I am happy with. It turned out how I thought it would be, but Bracken somehow made it work that I was nodding my head going “Okay, I’ll go with you on this.”

The Darkest Minds: Excellent beginning to an interesting trilogy. The second book is already being ordered from the library.

Reading Dates: July 17-24, 2014


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