Reading Process: You’re Not Much Use to Anyone – 50 Pages In

Well, there’s no point beating around the bush. Not a fan so far. I was talking to my co-worker a few days ago (yup! Same one with the awesome recommendations) and she was reading this memoir and was having a hard time with it. She said it was the narrator/author that she was not a fan of, but it felt awkward to write a review saying you don’t like an actual person.

I rarely read memoirs or autobiographies or anything in those categories, but reading Shapiro’s book, I agree with her. I feel really uncomfortable saying I don’t like David because David is a real person.

There’s also the fact that’s there’s nothing that’s making me want to keep reading. You’re Not Much Use to Anyone is, so far, a recapturing of David’s life after graduating from NYU and the difficulties of finding a job. While I can relate to this, generally what’s going on in David’s life is not interesting enough for me to want to continue. Will I? Yes, but only so I can write a honest and complete review.

There’s a line I highlighted (which by the way, having the ability to highlight and write notes while reading in the Digital Reader is fantastic!) that I’m hoping will not sum up the book for me, but at this point, it just might. We’ll have to wait and see.


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