Reading Process: Dearly, Departed – 161 Pages In

As you can see, I’m reading through this bad boy way faster than You’re Not Much Use to Anyone. Honestly, I think it’s because You’re Not is more a memoir or fictional autobiography, and that’s just not what I’m used to. I will be sure to mention that in my final review for that story, which I have to finish by the 22nd. That is my own goal, plus when the book will go into the archives on Net Galley.

Anyway! Back to Dearly, Departed—It has a slow start. The prologue had me hooked. The character Bram is trapped in an elevator with his friend who is bleeding to death. Bram knows this is it for him and he records his last few words on a camera as the power goes out. Neat, huh?

Dearly, Departed is a zombie book, but not just any zombie book. A zombie book set in a futuristic version of the Victorian era. How cool is that?! That is the reason why I picked up this book. I have a deep love for the Victorian era and so does the author Lia Habel. Still, even though it has an interesting concept, I cannot say I am in love with this book quite yet.

As I mentioned, it has a slow start. More than 150 pages of a slow start if I want to be more specific. I do not want to go into details because I don’t want to spoil if the book seems interesting to any of you Adventurers. However, I’ll say this, which is my summary of the book’s summary:

Nora is the main character. She’s a sixteen year old girl who loves hearing stories about war and rebellions which is a huge negative checkmark on her Lady-like report card. Both of her parents have died, and she has just ended her mourning period for her father. One day, Nora finds herself almost kidnapped by these zombies but is saved by, you guessed it, Bram and his pack of zombies. A war is brewing between the humans and the zombies but is covered up as the rebel group Punks attacking the New Victorians. Bram, a zombie, is falling for Nora and possibly vice versa. As their feelings for each other grow, New Victoria gets closer to seeing the dead rise.


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