Royal Romances: Need Some Variety

I now have two book reviews to write, but I wanted to talk about romance novels. Specifically, royal romance novels.

I’ve read my fair share of romances where one member of the couple has a royal status. Sadly, out of all of the ones I’ve read  (and remember), it’s always the male that’s of royal status and the girl is either poor or “not like all those other girls.” What I refer to with that second one is that the girl talks about how she doesn’t care about fashion, only wears jeans and a t-shirt (Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me comes to mind), or is a bit of a shut-in.

Original GIF from that-good-girl-faith on tumblr.

Original GIF from that-good-girl-faith on tumblr.

I’m curious, and wish to send out a request to my fellow adventurers and other bloggers: Can you recommend any royal romances where it’s the girl who is a princess/duchess/queen/whatever? Where the guy has a normal life and falls in love with someone who is known by a large percentage of the world?

Or! What about a same-sex royal romance? I don’t think I’ve heard many of those either.

Please leave your suggestions and recommendations in a comment below. I’d greatly appreciate it.


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