Book Review: Heart: A Romantic Short Story Collection by Rose Fall

Goodreads Summary:

These are stories about first kisses, near death experiences, adventures in indie clubs, and European bucket lists.

These are stories about wanting love, searching for it, finding it, losing it, and beginning again.

These are stories about finding yourself and learning to be brave.
These characters are bonded together by the things they want, the things they’re afraid of, and the things they’re still trying to figure out.

This is about growing up but staying young. This is about HEART.

In this collection are 5 romantic short stories and a special preview of the author’s upcoming novel How to Get Your Heart Broken.

Reason for Reading: I was asked by the author if I would be willing to read her collection and write a review. The summary got me interested and I agreed. My review is completely honest, I am not receiving any sort of compensation for reviewing.

First, let me say thank you to Rose for giving me the chance to read her collection of short stories. I really appreciate it!


I am a sucker for teen romance novels. I love romance stories in general. Heart is not just teen romances though. There are a few college-years-and-older stories too, which had me delighted. The length of each story was perfect for reading during my breaks at work as well.

While there are 5 stories plus an excerpt from her upcoming novel How to Get Your Heart Broken, I will only discuss my top 2.

Story #5 What Scares You

This one definitely had me glued to the book. It’s about a man and a woman going on a first date that wasn’t going so well, and then the unexpected happens (which I won’t reveal, so you’ll have to read to find out!).

The story is dialogue focused as it’s all about the couple’s conversations. I love that it starts out with the woman wanting the date to end and then the man. Their voices were strong and entertaining, and I wasn’t sure if this was going to have a happy or neutral sort of ending. In the end (ha!), I wasn’t a fan of how the story came to a close. Everything was great until the final paragraph.

Story #3 Seven Seconds in Heaven

The play on the title was unexpected as the characters are Jake and Heaven. Do you see where this is going? *wiggle of the eyebrows* This one was different from the others because the main character was the guy. So that was pretty refreshing. Personality wise, I didn’t like Jake but the author wrote him well and in a way that had me keep reading.

The story’s about Jake and Heaven meeting again during their college years. Jake was the jock type and Heaven was the loner who was a bit heavier. Now she has grown into an attractive girl with curves.

While I’m not a fan of the ugly duckling becoming a beautiful swan part, I did find this story entertaining. Again, I liked the dialogue between the two, and it had a good resolution.

So those were my top 2. That being said, after giving each story its own rating and average it out (all the math!), I give the collection 2 stars.

Some stories were just not my cup of tea, and some were. You lads and ladies should check it out and tell me what you think.

Rating: 2/5 stars


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