Happy New Year and Blog Changes!

Hello fellow adventurers! First, A Library of Sorts was formerly known as Adventure Under the Stairs. So, if you’re confused and wondering “When did I start following A Library of Sorts”, you followed a while ago under a different name.

If you recall from my Christmas post, I was planning to have a revamp of this blog once 2016 happened, and here it is!

Welcome to A Library of Sorts.

I am super excited to be sharing this improved blog with you and I hope that you will like the changes.

Prepare yourself for more book reviews, challenges, and I want to start having discussions with you all.

Thank you all for sticking by me since the hot summer of 2014. This year, I have a number of goals for myself and being more involved with my book blog was definitely on my list. I hope that you will continue to go on story adventurers with me through 2016 and beyond.

*raises a glass of raspberry ginger ale* To 2016!


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