Reading Now: The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson


If you have read this story, please read this post because I need your help.

I am currently on page 303 of 492. I am so confused. I’m not going to give big spoilers, but here is my question:

Is Rafe the Assassin and Kaden the Prince?

Because let me tell you, that’s how I’ve been reading this. But once I got to page 300/chapter 43, it looks like it’s the other way around.

Here is my reasoning for why I thought Rafe was the Assassin:

  • He is the one who gets rid of the dead body when Lia is attacked. Why would the prince, who has never seen battle, be well equipped with hiding a dead body?
  • During the berry picking scene, it seems he was contemplating throwing her over the cliff. Assassination thoughts?

Why Kaden was the Prince:

  • After believing Lia had a lover when it was really her brother, he said ” I didn’t know why I should feel sick. Maybe it was the way she had looked into my eyes this morning. The way she lingered…Something that made me think maybe things could still be different” (145). Wouldn’t that be the type of thing a Prince left at the altar would say?

But now that I’m going back through the book, there were moments I was like “Why is he thinking this?” Like when Rafe was upset Lia called the tattoo on her back, marks of barbarians. The marks were of the Prince’s home. I thought that was odd, but moved on.

When Rafe didn’t know the prayers and was just moving his lips, I figured the assassin didn’t believe in the gods. But apparently it’s because he’s a prince of another kingdom and they believe in a different god/prayers than Lia’s?

Honestly, if Rafe is the Prince and Kaden is the Assassin, I think I’m done reading. I went through a majority of this book thinking they were different people. It completely changes everything. I could blame this on the fact we don’t learn much about Kaden, but honestly, it shouldn’t have been so hard for me to figure out who was who.

Did anyone else have this problem? Can anyone answer my question?

Thanks in advance and happy reading!



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