Book Review: Assassin’s Heart by Sarah Ahiers


Series: Yes and No. The story is a stand alone but there will be a companion novel.
Published Date: February 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure
My Source: Library
Links: Goodreads
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Goodreads Summary


In the kingdom of Lovero, nine rival Families of assassins lawfully kill people for a price. As a highly skilled member of one of these powerful clans, seventeen-year-old Lea Saldana has always trusted in the strength of her Family. Until she awakens to find them murdered and her home in flames. The Da Vias, the Saldanas’ biggest enemy, must be responsible—and Lea should have seen it coming. But her secret relationship with the Da Vias’ son, Val, has clouded her otherwise killer instinct—and given the Da Vias more reason than ever to take her Family down.

Racked with guilt and shattered over Val’s probable betrayal, Lea sets out to even the score, with her heart set on retaliation and only one thought clear in her mind: make the Da Vias pay.

My Review


Oleander “Lea” Saldana was a good character. I was on her side from the very beginning, and I wanted her to succeed in her revenge (crazy right! Wanting someone to get revenge on a whole family!). While I liked her, she did aggravate me at times. She’s supposed to be a professional assassin but she sure did make obvious mistakes and had poor judgement at times. Still, I liked her conviction and her personality.

Les (Not a typo. There is a Les and Lea), I liked him. Lea meets him when she has to escape Lovero, and he was entertaining and endearing. I would love to say more about him, and talk about Val and Lefevre, Marcello, and Faraday, but I’m afraid of spoiling things.


A female assassin out for revenge for the death of her entire family–count me in! The summary makes you think this will have a Romeo-Juliet plotline, and it’s true. Val and Lea are from two feuding families and they must keep their love a secret. But this is so much more than that! This story is focused on Lea trying dealing with her grief, being on the run, and to find a way to make the Da Vias pay for what they did. So if you’re looking for a romance action story, you’re going to get a lot more action than romance.

I really wish I could say more, but I don’t want to spoil anything for future readers. I will say, the storyline with Lefevre was getting really annoying. We meet again, Lea…Interesting to find you here, Lea…Lost, Lea? Go away Lefevre!

Overall, good book. Nice read for those who want more female assassin stories.

Rating: 3/5 STARS –A good book. I will probably recommend this.

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