Mini Book Review: Little White Lies by Brianna Baker & F. Bowman Hastie III


Publisher: Soho Teen
Published Date: 2015
Genre: Fiction, Young Adult
My Source: I was given an advanced unedited copy to read by a friend
Links: Goodreads
Review Also On: Amazon and Goodreads

Goodreads Summary

Seventeen-year-old honors student Coretta White’s Tumblr, Little White Lies–a witty commentary on race and current events, as well as an exposé of her brilliant-yet-clueless parents–has just gone viral. She’s got hundreds of thousands of followers; she’s even been offered a TV deal. But Coretta has a confession: she hasn’t been writing her
own posts. Overwhelmed with the stress of keeping up with her schoolwork and applying for colleges, she has secretly hired a forty-one-year-old ghostwriter named Karl Ristoff to help her with the Tumblr. His contributions have helped make it a sensation, but unable to bear the guilt, Coretta eventually confesses the scandalous truth to a select
few to free herself of the burden.

The fallout is almost instantaneous. Before she knows it, her reputation has been destroyed. The media deal disappears. Even her boyfriend breaks up with her. Then Karl is thrust into the limelight, only to suffer a precipitous fall himself. Ultimately, the two join forces to find out who is responsible for ruining both of their lives . . . someone who might even have had the power to fuel their success in the first place. And to exact justice and a clever revenge, they must truly come clean to each other.

My Review

I was super excited  for this one. I mean a book on Tumblr? What?! I am all over that. This book had an interesting premise. Besides wanting to read a book using Tumblr, I also wanted to know what would happen to Coretta, how others would find out about Karl. How would the readers of the blog react? How would her family and friends?

So the plot got me. And it was a good read at the beginning. I liked Coretta. She had her goals and would do what she could to accomplish them. She seemed like your typical teenager trying to get into a good college and enjoy the people around her.

My opinion began to change for both Coretta and Karl (Karl, I tolerated at first. I definitely liked Coretta better.) after Coretta gets the TV deal. From the very beginning she was afraid she’d lose her voice if she got a ghostwriter, but by being a part of a TV show, she would obviously be under restrictions set by the producers which would limit her voice. Clearly, she was excited for the opportunity, but by accepting this new role as a TV star, she essentially did what she thought Karl would do: make Little White Lies into something it wasn’t.

Then the betrayal! How could that happen? I can’t even express my frustration because it would reveal too much, but it made no sense to me. The betrayal frustrated me, the parents frustrated me, Coretta  and Karl frustrated me, and the ending came out of nowhere. I questioned if a lot of things were even allowed/legal.

Overall, was super excited and was let down. Do keep in mind I had an unedited ARC, so maybe some things were changed in the final production of this novel. As it stands, I wasn’t a fan of this book, and I’m really sad about that because I had high hopes for it.

RATING: 1.5 / 5 STARS. A real struggle with an okay moment or two.

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