#ReadThemAllThon Update


For those who don’t know, #ReadThemAllThon is a reading challenge hosted by Read At Midnight. If you want to join, and you still can, follow this LINK to the sign up page on Read At Midnight’s blog.

So we’re about to enter week 3, and I’m sad to say I haven’t done much reading. I’ve been doing mandatory overtime at my job and haven’t had much time to do anything else but come home, eat dinner, and sleep.

Thankfully (I hope), mandatory overtime is over, so I’ll be able to get more reading and blogging done.

I was able to finish Victoria Schwab’s The Savage Song. So that’s 40 more CP for the page numbers and 20 CP for completing a challenge added to my Growlithe. I also took one Pokemon Go picture (sad, I know) so that’s an additonal 5 CP.

That gives me a total of 65 CP from this book. Here’s my updated Trainer Card.


I’ll be writing a review, probably tomorrow, so that will be another 20 but I didn’t want to add that until I actually did it. I’m thinking this will be my next read:


How are you all doing with the #readthemallthon? What books have you read? What’s your current CP?

Until next time!



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