Challenge: Flights of Fantasy 2017

Hello again, my fellow adventurers! It’s time to announce another reading challenge I’ll be participating in this year.


This challenge runs for the entire year and the goal is to read as many fantasy novels as you want. All you have to do to participate is link your format of choice (I chose my blog) to their challenge HERE (You’ll also find more information about the challenge there).

There will be giveaways, quarterly book clubs, and lots of fun!

For this challenge, I plan on reading 10 fantasy novels. I like that this can also crossover with the Beat the Backlist challenge I’m also doing, so hopefully I can meet my goal and go over.

I’ll be updating on my progress on this challenge, so keep your eyes out for future posts.

I hope you all join as well!

Until next time!


One thought on “Challenge: Flights of Fantasy 2017

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