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An animated version of myself.

The Reviewer:

Hi everyone! I’m Nicole and welcome to my blog. I’m just a 23 year old, fresh out of college, girl who spends too much time reading and watching tv shows. When I’m not working, I’m somewhere in Camelot or running through the forest in Neverland. I’m watching two people fall in love, or two people miss the perfect moment to say “I miss you.” I’m grabbing a bow and preparing for battle, or I’m desperately trying to hold in my lunch as we’re rocking in a pirate ship in a storm. In a nutshell, I’m on many different adventures.

This blog was formerly known as Adventure Under the Stairs. Why that name? Why the change?

Why the original name: My one true love is the Harry Potter series (Ravenclaws for the win!), and Harry’s adventure started when he received a letter from Hogwarts addressed to “Mr. H. Potter The Cupboard under the Stairs.” Harry Potter was the first adventure that left a lasting impression on me, and with this blog I hope to write about other stories that impact me throughout the years.

Why the new name: I changed my blog once 2016 started because I needed a fresh start. I wanted to become serious with this blog, and I wanted it to be clear that this is a book blog. I knew my original name was a bit confusing. With the new name, the new design, and my new plans, I hope that this blog will be able to grow and I’ll find more and more people to share and discuss books with.

Genres I Read

Middle Grade: adventure, fantasy
Young Adult: fantasy, sci-fi, dystopia, romance, contemporary, historical, adventure
New Adult (As far as I can tell, this genre is just romance. I wish there was more)
Adult: sci-fi, fantasy, historical

Thank you for visiting my blog, and if you have any book suggestions let me know through my Contact Me page or leave a comment! Also, you can connect with me through Twitter and Goodreads. Those links are in the sidebar.

My Review Policy and Rating Scale

Blogging for Books


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