My Rating Scale

For Those Who Want More Information on My Rating Scale

DNF ~ Did Not Finish. This book just wasn’t working for me. I may try again. I may not.

1 STAR ~ While I finished this, it was a real struggle.

1.5 STARS ~ A real struggle with an okay moment or two.

2 STARS ~ A struggle to read, but had some okay moments.

2.5 STARS ~ More okay moments than struggle moments.

3 STARS ~ A good book. I will probably recommend this.

3.5 STARS ~ A good book that has a nice YES factor to it.

4 STARS ~ Oh man, this was a great book. Will be recommending.

4.5 STARS ~ Fantastic! Like, you don’t understand how fantastic this was. READ IT.

5 STARS ~ *crying* Pure perfection. I will tell everyone about this. Have you heard about this book? I have a copy right here. Read it right now. No, no. Right. Now.