Review Policy

For Authors: First off, thank you for considering me to review your story. I know how important your work is to you, and I will be sure to give you 120% when I write my review.

For Publishers: Thank you so much for sending me a copy of the story/stories. I greatly appreciate it.

In order for me to write a review, I need a few things:

Title and summary of your novel (Cover Art too if it’s not available on Goodreads)

Information to contact you (email only please)

If you need the review to be done by a specific date

This information should be provided in the message you send to me through my email:

This is What I Can Do

I will read your work from cover to cover and post my review here on my blog, Goodreads, and Amazon. With my reviews, I include publishing information (publisher, date, genre), a summary at the beginning, my review, and then a rating between 1 and 5 stars (this could be a decimal like 3.5. For information on my rating scale, please view My Rating Scale). Depending on how long your novel is and what other reviews I need to complete, I will let you know how long it will take for me to get the review up. However, I will usually have yours done between 1-2 months of receiving your story. If you request your review to be done by a specific date and my to-do list is already too high for me to complete it within that time frame, I will let you know. I will email you a couple days before I publish my review on the sites I listed above so you are informed beforehand.

Any stories, whether digital copies or physical, will not be sold for profit. All my reviews are honest. I cannot guarantee that it will be a 4 or 5 star review. For self-published authors,however, if I rate your book under 3 stars, I am willing to NOT publish my review on Goodreads or Amazon. It will be published here on this blog though. I do this because self-published stories may not have as many reviews on these sites and I do not wish to bring down your overall rating if I’m the only one who has a low rating for it.

If this is to your liking, send me an email, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy reading!


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