Reviews By Author

Here you will find all of the books that I have reviewed. The lists are categorized by last name of the author. If there are two authors, you can find the book under both names. If there are more than two authors, it will be listed under the first author according to Goodreads.


Ahiers, Sarah– Assassin’s Heart
Albright, Emily– The Heir and the Spare
Austen, Jane– Sense and Sensibility
Avery, Lara– The Memory Book
Aveyard, Victoria– Red Queen (Red Queen #1)
 Glass Sword (Red Queen #2)


Baker, Brianna & F. Bowman Hastie III– Little White Lies
Banks, Lynne Reid– The Indian in the Cupboard
Benway, Robin– Emmy & Oliver
Bracken, Alexandra– The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds #1)
Butcher, Jim — Storm Front (Dresden Files #1)


Carson, Rae– The Girl of Fire and Thrones
Celine, Elise– John Dreamer
Clare, Kity– Model Position
Cline, Ernest — Ready Player One
Connelly, Victoria– Dreaming of Mr.Darcy


Dennard, SusanTruthwitch (The Witchlands #1)
Doctorow, Cory and Jen Wang– In Real Life



Fall, Rose– Heart: A Romantic Short Story Collection


Gaiman, Neil– Coraline
George, J.A. —Gifted (The Hayven #1)
Gier, Kerstin– Dream A Little Dream (Silber #1)
Godbersen, Anna — The Luxe (Luxe Series #1)
Grant, Mira–Feed (Newsflesh #1)
Fed (Newsflesh #1.5)


Habel, Lia– Dearly, Departed
Hall, Sandy– A Little Something Different
Harkness, Deborah — A Discovery of Witches
Hastie III, F. Bowman & Brianna Baker– Little White Lies
Hegger, Sarah
Sweet Bea




Kate, Lauren– Fallen (Fallen #1)
King, A.S. — Everybody Sees The Ants
Kudler, David– Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale (Seasons of the Sword #1)


Lu, Marie– The Young Elites (The Young Elites #1)


Maas, Sarah J.– Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1)
Morgenstern, Erin– The Night Circus
Morris, Paula– The Eternal City


Ness, Patrick– The Rest of Us Just Live Here



Pearson, Mary E.– The Kiss of Deception (The Remnant Chronicles #1)
Perkins, Stephanie — Anna and the French Kiss
Pierre, Raven– Again For The First Time (Again For The First Time #1)
Pope, Paul– Battling Boy
Poston, Ashley We Own The Night (Radio Hearts #2)
Priest, Cherie I am Princess X



Raasch, Sara– Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes #1)
Riordan, Rick– The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson & the Olympians #1)
Roth, Veronica– Divergent (Divergent #1)
Rowell, Rainbow– Fangirl
Rowling, J.K.– Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Rubin, Lance– Denton’s Little Deathdate


Saberton, Ruth– Katy Carter Wants a Hero
Schwab, Victoria– This Savage Song
Schwarzenegger, Katherine– I Just Graduated…Now What?
Shanker, Tarun & Kelly Zekas– These Vicious Masks (These Vicious Masks #1)
These Ruthless Deeds (These Vicious Masks #2)
Shapiro, David– You’re Not Much Use to Anyone
Silvera, Adam–
More Happy Than Not
Sim, Tara– Timekeeper (Timekeeper #1)
Skye, Evelyn– The Crown’s Game
Stevenson, Noelle– Nimona


Thomas, Rhiannon– A Wicked Thing
Tucholke, April Genevieve– Wink Poppy Midnight
Turner, Joan Frances– Dust (The Resurgam Trilogy #1)



Vaughn, Brian K.– Saga #1
Velde, Vivan Vande — Heir Apparent


Wanga, Jasmine– My Heart and other Black Holes
Webber, Tammara Easy




 Zekas, Kelly & Tarun Shanker– These Vicious Masks (These Vicious Masks #1)
These Ruthless Deeds (These Vicious Masks #2)

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